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8.7. Canvas arc objects

An arc object on a canvas, in its most general form, is a wedge-shaped slice taken out of an ellipse. This includes whole ellipses and circles as special cases. See Section 8.11, “Canvas oval objects” for more on the geometry of the ellipse drawn.

To create an arc object on a canvas C, use:

    id = C.create_arc(x0, y0, x1, y1, option, ...)

The constructor returns the object ID of the new arc object on canvas C.

Point (x0, y0) is the top left corner and (x1, y1) the lower right corner of a rectangle into which the ellipse is fit. If this rectangle is square, you get a circle.

The various options include:

Table 7. Canvas arc options

activedash These options apply when the arc is in the tk.ACTIVE state, that is, when the mouse is over the arc. For example, the activefill option specifies the interior color when the arc is active. For option values, see dash, fill, outline, outlinestipple, stipple, and width, respectively.
dash Dash pattern for the outline. See Section 5.13, “Dash patterns”.
dashoffset Dash pattern offset for the outline. See Section 5.13, “Dash patterns”.
disableddash These options apply when the arc's state is tk.DISABLED.
extent Width of the slice in degrees. The slice starts at the angle given by the start option and extends counterclockwise for extent degrees.
fill By default, the interior of an arc is transparent, and fill='' will select this behavior. You can also set this option to any color and the interior of the arc will be filled with that color.
offset Stipple pattern offset for the interior of the arc. See Section 5.14, “Matching stipple patterns”.
outline The color of the border around the outside of the slice. Default is black.
outlineoffset Stipple pattern offset for the outline. See Section 5.14, “Matching stipple patterns”.
outlinestipple If the outline option is used, this option specifies a bitmap used to stipple the border. Default is black, and that default can be specified by setting outlinestipple=''.
start Starting angle for the slice, in degrees, measured from +x direction. If omitted, you get the entire ellipse.
state This option is tk.NORMAL by default. It may be set to tk.HIDDEN to make the arc invisible or to tk.DISABLED to gray out the arc and make it unresponsive to events.
stipple A bitmap indicating how the interior fill of the arc will be stippled. Default is stipple='' (solid). You'll probably want something like stipple='gray25'. Has no effect unless fill has been set to some color.
style The default is to draw the whole arc; use style=tk.PIESLICE for this style. To draw only the circular arc at the edge of the slice, use style=tk.ARC. To draw the circular arc and the chord (a straight line connecting the endpoints of the arc), use style=tk.CHORD.

tags If a single string, the arc is tagged with that string. Use a tuple of strings to tag the arc with multiple tags. See Section 8.4, “Canvas tags”.
width Width of the border around the outside of the arc. Default is 1 pixel.