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54.4. Event modifiers

The modifier names that you can use in event sequences include:

Alt True when the user is holding the alt key down.
Any This modifier generalizes an event type. For example, the event pattern '<Any-KeyPress>' applies to the pressing of any key.
Control True when the user is holding the control key down.
Double Specifies two events happening close together in time. For example, <Double-Button-1> describes two presses of button 1 in rapid succession.
Lock True when the user has pressed shift lock.
Shift True when the user is holding down the shift key.
Triple Like Double, but specifies three events in rapid succession.

You can use shorter forms of the events. Here are some examples:

  • '<1>' is the same as '<Button-1>'.

  • 'x' is the same as '<KeyPress-x>'.

Note that you can leave out the enclosing '<…>' for most single-character keypresses, but you can't do that for the space character (whose name is '<space>') or the less-than (<) character (whose name is '<less>').