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17. The Message widget

This widget is similar to the Label widget (see Section 12, “The Label widget”), but it is intended for displaying messages over multiple lines. All the text will be displayed in the same font; if you need to display text with more than one font, see Section 24, “The Text widget”.

To create a new Message widget as the child of a root window or frame named parent:

    w = tk.Message(parent, option, ...)

This constructor returns the new Message widget. Options may be any of these:

Table 26. Message widget options

aspect Use this option to specify the ratio of width to height as a percentage. For example, aspect=100 would give you a text message fit into a square; with aspect=200, the text area would be twice as wide as high. The default value is 150, that is, the text will be fit into a box 50% wider than it is high.
bg or background The background color behind the text; see Section 5.3, “Colors”.
bd or borderwidth Width of the border around the widget; see Section 5.1, “Dimensions”. The default is two pixels. This option is visible only when the relief option is not tk.FLAT.
cursor Specifies the cursor that appears when the mouse is over the widget; see Section 5.8, “Cursors”.
font Specifies the font used to display the text in the widget; see Section 5.4, “Type fonts”.
fg or foreground Specifies the text color; see Section 5.3, “Colors”.
highlightbackground Color of the focus highlight when the widget does not have focus. See Section 53, “Focus: routing keyboard input”.
highlightcolor Color shown in the focus highlight when the widget has the focus.
highlightthickness Thickness of the focus highlight.
justify Use this option to specify how multiple lines of text are aligned. Use justify=tk.LEFT to get a straight left margin; justify=tk.CENTER to center each line; and justify=tk.RIGHT to get a straight right margin.
padx Use this option to add extra space inside the widget to the left and right of the text. The value is in pixels.
pady Use this option to add extra space inside the widget above and below the text. The value is in pixels.
relief This option specifies the appearance of the border around the outside of the widget; see Section 5.6, “Relief styles”. The default style is tk.FLAT.
takefocus Normally, a Message widget will not acquire focus (see Section 53, “Focus: routing keyboard input”). Use takefocus=True to add the widget to the focus traversal list.
text The value of this option is the text to be displayed inside the widget.
textvariable If you would like to be able to change the message under program control, associate this option with a StringVar instance (see Section 52, “Control variables: the values behind the widgets”). The value of this variable is the text to be displayed. If you specify both text and textvariable options, the text option is ignored.
width Use this option to specify the width of the text area in the widget, in pixels. The default width depends on the displayed text and the value of the aspect option.