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55.3. The tkColorChooser module

To give your application's user a popup they can use to select a color, import the tkColorChooser module and call this function:

result = tkColorChooser.askcolor(color, option=value, ...)

Arguments are:


The initial color to be displayed. The default initial color is a light gray.


The specified text appears in the pop-up window's title area. The default title is “Color”.


Make the popup appear over window W. The default behavior is that it appears over your root window.

If the user clicks the OK button on the pop-up, the returned value will be a tuple (triple, color), where triple is a tuple (R, G, B) containing red, green, and blue values in the range [0,255] respectively, and color is the selected color as a regular Tkinter color object.

If the users clicks Cancel, this function will return (None, None).

Here's what the popup looks like on the author's system: