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44. ttk.Sizegrip

Use this widget to provide a widget that the user can use to resize the entire application window. Typically this widget will be located in the bottom right corner of the application. Be sure to make the entire application resizeable using the techniques described in Section 4.3, “Configuring column and row sizes” and Section 4.4, “Making the root window resizeable”.

To create a ttk.Sizegrip as the child of a given parent widget, where the option values are given in Table 62, “ttk.Sizegrip options”:

    w = ttk.Sizegrip(parent, option=value, ...)

Table 62. ttk.Sizegrip options

class_ The widget class name. This may be specified when the widget is created, but cannot be changed later. For an explanation of widget classes, see Section 27, “Standardizing appearance”.
style The style to be used in rendering this widget; see Section 49, “Using and customizing ttk styles”. The only style feature you can configure is background, which specifies the color of the widget.