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10.1. Scrolling an Entry widget

Making an Entry widget scrollable requires a little extra code on your part to adapt the Scrollbar widget's callback to the methods available on the Entry widget. Here are some code fragments illustrating the setup. First, the creation and linking of the Entry and Scrollbar widgets:

    self.entry = tk.Entry(self, width=10)
    self.entry.grid(row=0, sticky=tk.E+tk.W)

    self.entryScroll = tk.Scrollbar(self, orient=tk.HORIZONTAL,
    self.entryScroll.grid(row=1, sticky=tk.E+tk.W)
    self.entry['xscrollcommand'] = self.entryScroll.set

Here's the adapter function referred to above:

    def __scrollHandler(self, *L):
        op, howMany = L[0], L[1]

        if op == 'scroll':
            units = L[2]
            self.entry.xview_scroll(howMany, units)
        elif op == 'moveto':