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This site brings you the current, high-quality essential information you need to get the most out of Tk. We want to be a language-neutral, focused and opinionated resource for the entire Tk community.

Site Changes

  • redid site formatting to use Bootstrap
  • updated all Python install instructions for 3.4.3, more install options using standard distributions
  • rewrote Mac OS X menus section to fully detail behaviour with new Cocoa implementation
  • added info on using PIL/Pillow for Python images, plus fixing binary Python extensions on OS X
  • greatly improved formatting of 'Modern Tkinter' ebook
  • miscellaneous tweaks and small corrections
  • released eBook version of tutorial for Python
  • miscellaneous HTML cleanups
  • updated Ruby install instructions for Mac and Linux
  • redid screenshots (Mac OS X Lion, Windows 7, Ubuntu 11)
  • filled in most of the missing Python and Perl code snippets
  • updated install instructions for latest operating systems and versions of the different languages
  • various minor fixes (over the last many months) to various content
  • completed most of the remaining Python examples and code snippets
  • first (incomplete) cut incorporation Python (tkinter/ttk) into the tutorial
  • several fixes to examples in other languages
  • additional minor changes and clarifications in other content
  • additional clarification regarding Perl install and ensuring 8.5
  • several fixes to Perl examples
  • updated Perl install info to recommend ActivePerl >= 5.10, which includes Tcl/Tk 8.5
  • more or less completed incorporating Perl (Tkx) into the tutorial
  • added installation instructions for Perl, including how to check for Tk 8.5.x
  • added missing 'Tkx::MainLoop' in Perl events example
  • switched to using Tk::TK_PATCHLEVEL on Ruby to check for Tk version
  • added confirmation that VC++ Express works just fine for compiling Ruby
  • added additional credits on the about page
  • began incorporating Perl (Tkx) into the tutorial
  • completed instructions for building/installing Ruby and Tk 8.5.x for Mac OS X and Windows; see the Installing Tk chapter in the tutorial
  • added additional credits on the about page
  • completed first cut of Tree chapter in tutorial
  • update blurbs on home page
  • completed first cut of Text chapter in tutorial
  • completed first cut of Canvas chapter in tutorial
  • added Ruby's xscrollbar/yscrollbar to scrollbar section in tutorial
  • fixed broken links on about page
  • completed first cut of Fonts, Colors, Images chapter in tutorial
  • updated tutorial intro to include comment on Tk extensions
  • added Google custom search engine to site
  • completed first cut of Menus chapter in tutorial
  • added this change log